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Ölüdeniz Beach

Ölüdeniz Beach in Turkey can be simply described as the Shangri-la paradise. Some even call it "the stuff dreams are made of" and go as far as calling it "heaven on earth". This summer beach destination is one of the most beautiful, most popular, and most photographed vacation spots in all of Turkey. Pictures of Ölüdeniz Beach are oftentimes the content of Turkey travel brochures, lists of top tourist attractions, and other tourist travel information.


Ölüdeniz Beach can be found along the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea. This coastline is known as the Turquoise Coast because of the stunning blue and aquamarine shades of the water there. Ölüdeniz Beach is aptly dubbed as "The Sun Soaked Jewel of the Stunning Turquoise Coast".

The Blue Lagoon that is located at the western part of Ölüdeniz Beach is considered the gem of this most popular beach in Turkey. This beautiful natural lagoon features serene, deep blue waters, contrasted by the stark white sand on its shore. Children can safely swim in the lagoon's calm waters and play on its sloping sandy shore. Because the Blue Lagoon is a nature reserve and located inside a National Park in Turkey, a fee must be paid before visitors can enter. This fee is very minimal in exchange for a full day of fun, rest, and relaxation at the beach.

The Blue Lagoon is encircled by hilltops and can only be accessed by passing through a narrow strait. This geographical arrangement keeps the Blue Lagoon protected from the elements and preserves the calmness and tranquility of its crystal clear waters. In fact, the calmness of the waters of this main attraction of Ölüdeniz Beach is where the place got its name from. "Ölüdeniz" directly translates to "dead sea" or "calm sea".

Ölüdeniz BeachThose who are searching for a more action-packed day in an activity-filled area can head on over to Belcekiz Beach or Balcegiz Beach. This is the activity central beach of Ölüdeniz Beach. Belcekiz beach is packed with leisure interests and bustling with people, perfect for those who like adventure, excitement, socializing, and sightseeing. It wouldn't be hard to find a nice beachside seafood restaurant or a refreshing drink to keep you company on Belcekiz Beach.

Others can also try paragliding over the scenic Ölüdeniz Beach. This thrilling activity involves jumping off a cliff of a 2,000-meter high mountain and soaring over the mountain, sea, and beach sceneries of Ölüdeniz Beach. Other activities to be tried are scuba diving, water skiing, canoeing, banana boating, and etc.

The sun shines on the beautiful beaches of Ölüdeniz from april to september. Ölüdeniz Beach is located a mere 8.5 kilometers south of the city of Fethiye. It only takes a very short 30-minute drive by car to get from the city to this golden beach paradise. There is also the option of taking the regular minibuses from Fethiye to Ölüdeniz Beach. Taxi fares from the city to the beach are also inexpensive. Flights to Ölüdeniz Beach land in Dalaman, the nearest airport. This wonderful tourist attraction has plentiful accommodation styles for different visitors.