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Istanbul Travel Guide

Istanbul is basically the only city in the world which is built on two continents. It stands on the beautiful Bosphorus shores where the waters of the Marmara Sea, the Godden Horn and Black Sea combine. Istanbul is a region, which

was designed to be the capital of a country. Also in the past, it has been the capital for three empires, which used to conquer the world. Istanbul today houses the precious remains of these civilizations and stands with all its glamour

as a harmonious link between the East and the West, past, and present, antique and modern.



It is one of the richest cities in history and is as well the most beautiful, captivating and alive cities in the world. Istanbul has an atmosphere of its own, complete with its life-style, numerous attractions and its people. In Istanbul, you have to make sure that you have a lot of time to spare, as they are so many things to see in Istanbul. There are so many magnificent attractions to be seen here in Istanbul such as ancient churches, the old palaces, bazaars, the Istanbul Strait, museums, the great mosques with tall minarets, and other fantastic attractions that are worth seeing.


There is quite a number of clichés about Istanbul and mostly all of them are true. For the Orient of the Turkish delight adverts, see a belly dancing show or go through the bridge between East and West; take the Bosphorus Bridge to Asia where you can find indulgence in coffee drinking, Turkish baths, kebabs, sheesha smoking, and many more. However, for the last two decades it has added up great complexities to the city’s character, creating schisms between the secular and Islamic, the traditional and modern, and the city and the countryside. Even though, we hasten to add, it's all bound together in an unusual harmonious and magic whole.


The beautiful city of Istanbul is filled with many fascinating and unique features. Its uniqueness begins as the only city

in the world reaching across two continents with its old city in Europe and modern Istanbul which is located in Asia. It

is also unique in having a capital status during two empires, which are the Islamic Ottoman and Christian Byzantine.


The attraction and character of Istanbul lies in its everlasting assortment and mixture of challenges. Its mesmerizing history has left the city with vibrant legacies of Byzantine remains, ancient mosques and churches, exotic bazaars splendid palaces, and hamams which are known as bath houses. The modern Istanbul, today displays trendy nightclubs and bars, elegant suburbs, office blocks, and western boutiques. The starting of each day is with a call to prayers and the city comes to life with more than 12,000 residents, forming a disorganized social and cultural mix of wealthy shoppers, destitute beggars, dishonest carpet merchants and religiously veiled women. Joining the noisy throng are over-awed tourists and those capitalising on the tourist trade. Istanbul's location on the water made it a much popular site as a military lookout, commercial shipping port, and as capital of the Roman Empire.

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