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Istanbul Transportation

Although passport and customs check are more than frequent in Istanbul, it is still accessible from both Europe and Asia by many methods. If you arrive in Istanbul from a place where air traveling is possible, than that is a good option to be taken when flying to Istanbul.



Getting Around Istanbul

Buses are definitely the best way in traveling around the hectic and busy streets of Istanbul. When you are getting around town, buses are easy to find but it's usually very jam packed with passengers. Bus tickets are accessible from the kiosk at the main bus stops. Bus drivers fail to stop sometimes at smaller bus stops and the distances between the main stops are rather long. Instead, the tram system was renovated in the 90's and was run in a similar way to the buses with tickets compatible between the two. As an addition, there are passenger boats and ferries, which are traveling up and down the waterways of Istanbul and as well between Europe and Asia.


Taxis here are usually easy and cheap. It's a personal form of transportation in getting around the city. They are always noticeable because of their yellow color. They are equipped with taximeters, which have two kinds of rates;

day and night. From 6 in the morning till midnights are their daily rates while midnight to 6 in the morning are night rates. Usually, night rates are more expensive than daily rates.


Buses are also a cheap mode of public transportation in which you can travel around the city. Bus stops are easily recognizable and are situated at intervals throughout the city. Do make sure that you buy your bus tickets in advance, as there are no tickets available on the bus. There are two types of buses here, which are the Private Orange Buses, and Istanbul Municipality Buses. They both operate at the same price. When crossing the Bosporus bridges by bus, make sure you buy two tickets.


Minibuses are also another cheap form of transportation, which operates between specific points in the city. You do

not have to buy tickets as the rates changes according to your destination. You are only able to find them in selected minibus stops.


Metro is an inexpensive public transportation where you will be able to travel from one point to another in certain areas. It is owned by the Istanbul Municipality. Payment is made by tickets.


Boats is cheap public waterway transportation where you are able to travel from one point to another. It is owned by the Turkish Maritime Line payment done by tickets or by tokens. White Sea, Golden Horne, Marmara Sea and Bosporus surround Istanbul.


Sea Buses are a moderate-priced public waterway transportation where you travel from an area to another. Istanbul Municipality owns it. Sea buses are speedboats where you can travel quickly to the isolated places of the city. Payments of this transportation are done by tickets and tokens.

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