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Ankara Transportation

By Plane

The Ankara Esenboga International Airport (ESB) is situated 28km southwest of the city. However, international flights from ESB are low in number compared to Turkish Airlines. Actually, only Austrian Airlines, British Airways and Lufthansa offers straight flights to the central Europe. A flight to Istanbul is required for other airlines that are flying to Turkey which is followed by an air transfer to Ankara through Turkish Airlines.



These situations will change once the brand new airport is open and running. The new airport is located next to the previous airport which will be completed by October 2006. The brand new airport features more gates and more organized parking structures and offcourse, improved traffic flow. Currently an upgrade to the road which is connecting Ankara's airport to the present road is currently under construction. Some huge sections of this road are still under development even though parts of this road are already open, which replaces the long alternative roads.


The buses in the airport are run by Cebeci transportation which was previously known as HAVAS, as many people used to call it. The Airport buses are operated throughout the city centre reaching Ulus as well as ASTI where the intercity buses head off from most of the cities in Turkey. The cost of these airport bus services are around 5 Euros.


By Train

Ankara is located at the centre of Turkey. Trains that depart from Istanbul to the eastern area of Turkey are capable of reaching here in Ankara. The train journey from Istanbul to Turkey is usually about 6 to 7 hours. However it depends hugely on the category of train that is used. For instance now in Turkey, the fastest train is Baskent. But there will be quicker trains in the future which will have the capability of shortening the tour to 3 hours.


By Bus

In Turkey, almost all of the cities have buses that go directly to the capital of Turkey. These particular buses travel faster than the trains in Turkey. The bus trip to Ankara from Istabul usually takes about 5 hours compared to traveling in a train which takes 6 hours.

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