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Ankara City Guide

Ankara is a very old city located at the heart of Turkey. It was found in 2000 BC. The city became one of the most important cites in Turkey in the year 1923 when it was officially declared as the capital of the Republic of Turkey.


Ulus is the most interesting part of Ankara which is a very old town.

It is built on two hills and it developed most of its characteristics from its steep and zigzag streets. The main sight of Ulus is Kale, a fortress that overlooks the city. When you are walking around the town, you will discover the remnants of the Roman times, especially the Augustus temple which has become very well known here because of the 'Monumentum Ancyranum', the heritage of the Emperor Augustus.


You will find the tomb of Haci Bayram and his mosque next to the Augustus temple, which still has some pilgrims saying prayers in front of the window of the tomb. The holy man is still well known and respected among the

Anatolian residents.


Another highlight of Kale is the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations which is one of the best museums found in Turkey. The people who are interested in learning the history of Turkey definitely shouldn't miss it. Ataturk was the first president of Ankara and is the founder of the Republic of Turkey.



Opposite the entrance of the Kale citadel is the Cengelhan Rahmi M. Koc Museum which is an industrial museum.

It is situated in the prehistoric Cengelhan which was previously known as Caravansary, built in the year 1522.

In this museum, you can find a huge selection of exhibitions with various themes of Road Transport, Maritime,

Scientific Instruments, Medicine, Engineering, and many others.


After you are done with your visit around the museum, feel free to relax in either the Divan Brasserie or the Divan Café, which is placed at the patio. Since you are in the area, do walk down the steep alley next to the museum. It's called the "Çikrikçilar Yokusu" and this is where you can enjoy an old fashioned shopping and different varieties of things that tourists are interested in.


History of Ankara

Ankara's history and its environs go all the way back to the Hatti evolution which is in the Bronze Age. Before the time of Jesus more than two thousand years ago, the Hittites had become the leading power in Ankara, which was then followed by the Persians, Phrygians and Lydians. During the 3rd Century BC, Ankara was made the capital city by the Galatians who were a Celtic race during that time. Ankara's given name originates from the word 'Ancyra' which means 'anchor'.


During the war, Ankara achieved its fame under the leadership of Ataturk. The declaration of Ankara as the capital of the new Republic of Turkey was made on 13th October 1923. It was when Turkey won its National War of independence. In one of the most well-known parts of the city is Anitkabir, the outstanding mausoleum which was built to as a tribute to Ataturk.

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